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TUODY Software - website development, software development & promotion

TUODY Software company is specialized on design and development of information technologies, such as software development, web construction, e-shop construction, mobile applications development and website promotion.

We can help you grow your online presence, including your brand and products by providing you a complete technical solution after describing to us your needs and thoughts. Together we'll find the best solution that fits your needs.

You can see bellow how we get the things done and what can you get from us...

Procedures & methodologies

We follow specific procedures and methodologies during cooperation with you in order to track all the details and to record every possible option and solution.














  •  Website - Company Profil with portfolio.
  •  Website - News Portal.
  •  Website - e-shop.
  •  Website - Social Media "like".
  •  Application - Desktop.
  •  Application - Mobile Web application.
  •  Application - Native Mobile application.
  •  Promotion - of your brand and products.
TUODY Software - κατασκευή ιστοσελίδων, ανάπτυξη λογισμικού & προώθηση
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