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Digital Marketing includes the whole digital presence of a company or a product. Including the website and content of it, the social media, the online reviews, the online brochures, the advertisements etc.

What Digital Marketing contains?

TUODY can help on all the parts of digital presence or on some of them, according to each company's evaluation and needs.
Here are some basic properties of Digital Marketing.

User Experience Optimisation

The usability of the website or of the application that will ultimately determine whether a visitor will become a customer (more about usability optimisation).

Search Engine Optimisation

Display of your website on Google search results using specific keywords without paying Google (more).

Social Media Marketing

Initial setup and management of social media

email Marketing

By sending informative emails (newsletter) that are designed to promote a product or service.

Social Media Advertising

Targeted advertisements using specific criteria like geolocation, age, gender, interests etc.

Social Media Applications

Enabling a business to continuously motivate the public without geographical restrictions.

Google Adwords

Advertisements that are displayed on users based on specific keywords and geolocation criteria.

Google Display Network

Display of advertisements s on approximately 2 million websites based on the relevance of the content and on other filters.

Pay Per Click

Ads on Google are using pay per click, which means that if someone clicks on your ad on any site in the Google network, an amount will be paid by Google to the site that the click occured.

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