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TUODY after years of experience and continuous conversation with its customers, has developed its own CMS.

TUODY CMS is a complete web based platform for web construction and management that provides you the tools and components to present your company and products on the web, mobile and desktop using state of the art technologies.

Why to choose TUODY CMS?

The software provides flexibility, security and fully customisable parts that can help you manage the layout and content of your website without requiring you to have any technical expertise.


Administer your articles products and all the elements of your website easily from any device having access to the internet.

Tons of features

Start your website easily only by getting the features you need and extend your application's capabilities as you go according to your needs.


We can create and embed new functionalities or to extend existing in order to satisfy your desire according to the requirements.

e-commerce ready

Start quick and easy to build your online presence by making a simple online catalog of your products and extend it later to e-shop.

Basic Features

TUODY CMS is running on top of .Net Framework and is using SQL Server as RDBMS.


Comprehensive management of the central navigation menu of your website (names and links).


Automatic presentation of content (text, images with links) in slides on the home page.


Including the layout and content of articles / products and the banners for every page and category.


Translation of the website's content according to the target language group that you are referring to.


Security and access control. Restrict access to specific or all parts of the website by creating specific roles and users.


Member Registration, with the possibility of adding custom fields on the registration form plus creation of public profile and content.


Types - Specifications

Clear presentation of your material / products with overview and specifications such as size and color.


Classification of content using categories, tags, regions and dictionaries for easy retrieval.


Articles and products creation with the ability to add translations in more than one language.


Pre-schedule the availabilities of articles / products on the website using date ranges.



Definition of multiple / different tax rates, based on the customer's shipping address and product's category.


Different shipping types and rates based on the customer's shipping / delivery region and product's packaging attributes.


Creation of e-coupons that can be redeemed on the website for discounts purposes.


Collection of points on specific actions on the website and the ability of redeeming them to your store.


Full user management including profile details and any kind of content uploaded.

Every time an article / product is saved, a new version is stored along with a timestamp.

Bulk upload of files such as images and other kind of documents can save time.

Basic image processing tools; like resizing, cropping and rotating an image.

Creation of countries, counties and cities for relating articles / products with places.

Creation of banners per section of the website and the possibility to display them on specific date ranges.

Theme editor can be used in order to change files such as html, css, javascript.

Advanced search is very helpfull for locating articles / products using multiple criteria.

Want to have an online presence ?

You can describe to us your idea in order to find together the right solution to promote your brand and products.

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