Usability Optimisation

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How many times we get into websites or into applications and we are not able to find what we want? Usability optimisation includes the evaluation and update of all the different parts of a website or application in order to increase user satisfaction.

  •  Raising the value of your business
  •  It helps users to reuse your application
  •  It helps in acquiring new customers

What requires usability optimisation?

Usability optimization and user experience optimisation is part of all the stages of application and website development.
Below some basic properties of usability

Usability on Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Easy navigation and identification of all aspects of the application/website, like font size, color, layout, quantity of images and text. Additionaly the target group of users (including the culture) is very important for a successful implementation of an application.

Usability on Source Code

The " quality checked " source code results in better reliability, efficiency and functionality of an application/website, like prevention and/or error handling.

Are you interested for usability optimisation?

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