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TUODY Software - κατασκευή ιστοσελίδων, ανάπτυξη λογισμικού & προώθηση

You started your website with low expectations and you suddenly have an increase of traffic and so the current situation can not cope with the demands of your users; We can do an upgrade.

  •  Easy content management
  •  Fast pages loading
  •  Extendable


We are in communication with our customers and continually evolve our own Content Management System for maximum performance.
Here's what we can do to existing websites.

Conversion to dynamic website (from static)

Conversion old websites to dynamic. Which means that the website will use a database for storing the datawith the possibility of easily updating of the content.

Conversion of open source websites to TUODY CMS and Microsoft technologies

Conversion and upgrade of websites by moving also your data, such as categories, articles, images to the new website.

Website conversion to responsive

Conversion and upgrade of website into responsive in order for content adaptation on all screens.

TUODY Software - κατασκευή ιστοσελίδων, ανάπτυξη λογισμικού & προώθηση

After the website conversion?

After the website conversion you can quick and easy manage the content. How ?

We have built a complete Content Management System, that provides you the tools and components to present your company and products on the web, mobile and desktop using state of the art technologies.

Are you interested for website conversion?

You can describe to us your idea or problem in order to contact you.

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